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  1. Jenn Dillon
    Jenn Dillon April 9, 2015 at 3:13 pm |

    Hi! I love reading your blogs! I am a big fan of yours and definitely can relate to this post and how hard it is to lose the baby weight especially when you are so busy and want to spend your free time with your kid! About a year ago I connected with “Facebook Fit Mom” Maria Kang who started a program across the country called No Excuse Moms. The program has been growing and there are now hundreds of these groups all over the country made up of moms who get together with their kids in their local communities to do workouts in parks (or someplace indoors if bad weather). I am the leader of the New England Region (not sure where you are located) but moms can go to and find a group closest to your location. The groups are completely free and the program is non-profit. Just moms helping and motivating other moms to keep their fitness a priority while spending quality time with other moms and their children as well. =-)

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