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  1. Helen
    Helen December 16, 2015 at 2:17 pm |

    This post made me smile – I am British, and attend a fertility clinic in England, but your description of women in the fertility clinic waiting room was all too recognisable to me. The women hardly ever speak to each other, or make eye contact. In the last year I think a fellow patient has spoken to me about twice, and that was just to ask if I was waiting for blood work. Maybe that’s no big surprise, as us Brits are renowned for our reserve (I’m a classic example – call me Miss Stoic and Aloof) – but it’s obviously not just a British thing!
    Recently I was in the clinic waiting for my husband to pick me up after my egg retrieval. A woman came in with her toddler in a pushchair and told the receptionist she wanted to be an egg donor. Her daughter had been born after her second cycle of IVF. She was fairly young, probably in her twenties. She said, ‘I was really lucky, and I just want to help someone else to have what I have’. it was amazing to see someone who was prepared to go through what I’d just been through, the injections, scans, blood tests, procedures, just to give someone else the chance of having a child. It was lovely. If I hadn’t been still a bit wobbly from the sedation, I’d have been tempted to go and tell her how amazing she was, even give her a hug.

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